I've been asked recently what No Skool Just Cool is all about. Well its a community for people who love cars of all ages. Old cars are well catered for, there's some very good communities out there, though often with age, marque, or style boundaries.

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No Skool aims to welcome everyone, to gain a diverse relaxed community, We'd like to see people joining who have unfashionable and fashionable old cars, whether considered a 'worthless banger', or modern trade in fodder, We're keen for No Skool to be an alternative home for custom cars, 'hot rod's, modified cars, and classic cars, there are often ideals within these scenes which cannot be met by the vehicle. Respect to the owner.


A real old banger given lots of love and saved from the crusher, gets some responses from the public (not all good), and the dreaded MOT man, but its ours and we love it.


Hope you enjoy the site, See you on the message board!