Retro Rides Gathering 2017

The chances are you will have been to or at least heard of Retro Rides Gathering. If you are unfortunate enough to fall outside of those categories then let me explain.

For around the past ten years the guys over on the Retro Rides forum have curated and organised what has fast become one of the biggest classic car events in the UK calendar. I use the term classic car loosely because it is so much more than that. Retro Rides Gathering is to their enthusiasts what the Woodward Dream Cruise is to muscle car aficionados.

If there is one thing you can expect from the long weekend in August it is to expect to be surprised by what turns … Read more

testing testing, ONE TWO! Hello…

NSJC title nospace

Finally our new website is ready thanks to Stem0. We will be reporting on events and sharing our thoughts and experiences in the vast world of old cars, Retro, Classic and beyond. Check back in regularly and follow us on Facebook too where we will publish stories.


Check our About Us page which has been updated too.


– Reanimation… Read more

Fame at last – sort of!

Fiesta van

The funny thing about the internet is you never know where your pictures will get to…

This was me and my well loved well used and unloved ratty old 1989 F reg Fiesta van, in about 2009. It spent some time as a header on the noskooljustcool website but also in a forum. At the time it really didn’t have many fans but was good cheap fun. Not many seemed to get the rarity of a very early mk3 van.

Imagine my horror when it was randomly discovered by a NSJC member as a header for Facebook page Cars Under £300 in Yorkshire! haha

Well to be fair it is a good mascot for them, it was well under … Read more